Kokai Tadaharu

Danan emissary of Caedus, one of the survivors of Akarda, Class C Harvester


Level 22 Danan Avenger/Zealous Assassin/Punisher of the Gods


Kokai is one of the hundred and eight survivors of the world of Akarda, which met an untimely and somewhat mysterious end. A Danan child raised by humans in the island regions of Akarda, Kokai has never particularly been attached to his Danan heritage, instead devoting himself to the service of the downtrodden and less fortunate in the name of Caedus, creator god of Akarda.

When Akarda met its end, Kokai and his friend Garu and Kaera attempted to prevent the cataclysm, but unfortunately it was not to be. Garu and Kaera were slain by their former comrade, Jhara, who transformed into a God Beast and birthed a red world seed of his own. Before he could kill Kokai and reshape Akarda in his own image, however, the Harvesters intervened, killing the God Beast and delivering Kokai into the city of Gateheart.

As a newcomer to Gateheart, Kokai finds many of the city’s unusual inhabitants to be troubling, but not as troubling as he finds the complicated political environment and endless bureaucracy of Gateheart. Sadly, it seems he cannot avoid being embroiled in it all- upon releasing a blast of divine energy to defend himself from the machinations of the vampire Calastre Marquese, Kokai was vaulted from obscurity to a place of public controversy in the City Inevitable. There are many who want the Danan youth slain for his actions, but others- including the goddess Cherienkind- see him in a more sympathetic light.

Kokai is person of few words, but he is quick to express his irritation with things he finds to be overly complicated or rude. As such, he finds himself in a constant state of aggravation with Kanah. However, he relishes Hal’s sharp tongue and flippant nature, and the two of them are becoming fast friends.

Kokai Tadaharu

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