World Seeds

White world seeds in a natural setting.

A world seed is a small crystalline structure that weighs roughly one pound and can be held comfortably in the fist of most medium humanoids. It contains within its matrix the principle essence of the world that spawned it- the growth of its space, the scope of its timeline, the genetic material of its inhabitants, the feelings and attitudes of those that impacted it, and the wills and wishes of its creators, defenders, and even those that brought about its end.

When a world ends, it creates one or more seeds. These seeds, if extracted, can be placed within the Basin of All Light in Paidan, the Garden of Creation. If this is done, the seed dissolves into energy, and that energy is transferred throughout the Gossamer Web to a suitable crossover point along the Grim Web, and a new world is formed within the next several days.

However, not all seeds are replanted. Unplanted, a seed will last almost indefinitely, and the energy contained within can be accessed to create an effect similar to that caused by use of magic, only on a much greater scale. Where magic can create thunderbolts and light, fireballs and healing, a seed’s energy is potent enough to power vast mechanical systems, provide light to entire blocks of buildings, create fire hot enough to melt tons of mithral for construction, and sustain the sick and dying through advanced medical technology. Such uses of seeds are called seed-tech. Seed-tech was originally pioneered by the fey of the Seelie and Unseelie Courts, although great strides in seed-tech have been made by Alsarad Academy researchers and by the Caretakers.

There are several kinds of seeds that are harvested. All can grow worlds, but not all are equal when used for the purpose of seed-tech.

White Seeds: The most common kind of seed, white seeds have a wide variety of uses. They can be used for generation of utility power and for many other uses, but they tend to be too unrefined for specific purposes such as weaponry and medical technology. They do work well as supplemental power sources, though.

Green Seeds: A type of seed that grows very rarely in worlds that follow their Feyside growth patterns very closely. It is said that the seed’s emerald hue is a result of the higher concentration of life essence the world contained. They are vital in the development of medical seed-tech. A person carrying a green seed may recover HP as if they had spent a healing surge once per day. If they do this, they recover that much HP plus 2d6. Using a green seed in such a way is considered a use of a daily magic item power.

Red Seeds: Red seeds grow primarily in hell worlds. Their blood red color comes from a concentration of the chaos and wrath that was so prominent in the world of its origin. Red seeds are almost useless in all regards, but are very potent as a power source for seed-tech weaponry. They have great destructive potential. A weapon can be fitted with a stabilizer ring that can be used to store a red seed. If this is done, the weapon deals an additional +1 damage to bloodied foes, and once per day it can be activated to deal a massive burst of damage that deals +2[W] damage as part of any attack. Using a red seed in such a manner counts as a use of a daily magic item power.

Clear Seeds: Some worlds don’t exist long enough to create powerful or distinct seeds. This commonly happens when slave worlds or bud worlds are harvested. Such instances yield seeds that are completely clear. These seeds have very little power, but they absorb mystical energy like sponges. They are commonly used to contain dangerous magic radiation and are sometimes utilized in seed-tech weaponry as a means of combating magic-users. A person carrying a clear seed takes a -4 penalty to attack rolls with attacks that have the Arcane keyword, but they also gain a +4 bonus to defense against attacks against them that have the Arcane keyword.

Seedlings: Tiny seeds that never reached maturity, commonly found in worlds that end prematurely. They aren’t powerful enough to be used for seed-tech, and cannot create their own worlds. They can come in a variety of colors, however, and they are commonly used as components in magic rituals. A single seedling has a value equal to an astral diamond’s worth of residuum.

Personal Seed: Sometimes, very rarely, a world seed is born from an individual rather than a world. In these cases, the individual’s soul is so strong that it’s wish for an ideal world creates a world seed with the material and structure to create such a world. As the individual matures and becomes more powerful, so too does the seed. If a personal seed is planted before it is mature, it typically only becomes a bud world. However, a fully mature personal seed can spawn a world of truly impressive size- even a cluster world, in theory. Personal seeds can be a variety of colors and have the properties of multiple kinds of seeds. Most are white with a greenish tinge, containing the properties of both. Sometimes, other combinations occur, and new colors occasionally can be witnessed (although their properties are uncertain and often mutable).

World Seeds

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