An acronym for the facility known as the Omniversal Soul Archive, a massive facility located at the lowest point in Nolight Lowtown, directly above the origin point for The Grim Web.

A massive library and storehouse that contains the memories and spiritual signatures of all living beings that have ever existed. Upon death, a soul travels to its rightful place in its world’s Shadow, and before it is harvested it is funneled along the Grim Web into the OSA. Access to the OSA is strictly prohibited, but The Caretakers and the Council are granted access as they see fit.

It is still uncertain what it is like for an individual who exists within the OSA. Although there are cases of souls being removed and then resurrected for short-term use (such as to serve as a witness in a trial or to pass on some vital information), and there are individuals within the city who have been granted resurrection, memory of time spent within the OSA is limited at best.

Some argue that the OSA is inherently cruel, while others argue it is a strictly neutral state. However, regardless of the truth, the OSA is vital to the healthy persistence of not only Gateheart, but all worlds.

On occasion, the OSA will initiate what is known as a “purge”, where it funnels souls from its banks up into Paidan, where they are deposited into the Basin of All Light to be reborn in the next crop of budding worlds.


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