The Council of Gravitas

The Council of Gravitas is a democratic organization that is composed of representatives of all worlds, current and expired, and representatives for various organizations that hold influence over the population of Gateheart.

Each world is granted a number of Council seats based on a variety of factors. The creator deity of each world (or the world’s assigned guardian, for worlds that were created under different circumstances) are entitled to a seat. In addition, a seat is granted for each white seed or seedling that is harvested from that world. Two seats are granted for each green seed, and no seats are granted for clear or red seeds. Furthermore, each indigenous race from a world is entitled to a single seat, even if that race would happen to exist in another world. Thus, if a world is inhabited by danan, humans, and dwarves, there is a seat provided for the each race, even if the danan, humans, and dwarves are already represented for another world. This is done to ensure that the unique culture of each world is represented and preserved.

Additionally, the members of twelve different groups within the city are granted a number of council seats, based on legacy of service and number of members.

  • The Union of Pantheons, representing the various divine beings of Gateheart, has a total of fourteen seats. Individuals who are serving as representative for a world are not permitted to serve as representatives for the Union.
  • The Fatebranded, representing mortal beings who assert freedom from divine rule, are granted a total of five seats, due to their relatively recent inception into the Council.
  • The Thesid Overmind, representing the illithid empires across the various worlds, are granted a total of ten seats.
  • The House of Forgotten Names, representing the amalgam of disenfranchised vampire aristocracies from various harvested worlds, are also granted ten seats.
  • The Endless, representing the elan race and serving as a de facto spokesperson for human and elan interest in Gateport, are granted a total of nine seats.
  • The Murder of Crows, representing the citizens’ mercantile and cultural interests, are granted a total of seven seats.
  • The Haven, representing the citizens’ environmental and ecological interests, as well as the interests of non-intelligent plant and animal life, are granted a total of six seats.
  • The Caretakers, representing the guilds of healers and necromancers and holding jurisdiction over the laws on medical practice, healing, resurrection, and the OSA, are granted a total of twelve seats.
  • The Spire Knights, operating as the Council’s military, hold a total of ten seats.
  • The Seelie and Unseelie Courts, having once been a singular group representing fey interest and sharing dual responsibility for the maintenance of the Webs, have six seats each.
  • Furthermore, the board of directors for Alsarad Academy are entitled to serve on the Council. Currently, the board of directors has eight members, but this number is not static.

Every aeon, the Council elects twelve individuals to serve as the Chairmen of the Council. The Chairmen are responsible for administrating Council issues, and electing the highest official in Gateport, and the leader of the Council, the Janus.

The Janus is elected every aeon as well, and has the ultimate authority in Gateport. The current Janus is Rael Kada, a former time god from a large cluster world known as the Dance of Spheres.

The Council of Gravitas

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