Six Swords of Darkness

Six artifact weapons said to be forged in the first six worlds. Each weapon was used at one point to slay a god of death, and the resulting admixture of innate strength and divine retribution allows these weapons to serve as a symbol of the ephemeral qualities of the laws of death. It is said that the first vampires were born when they ultimately became so attuned to these armaments that their souls were themselves altered to reflect those of the accursed weapons, allowing them to exist in true undeath.

Even though the set of weapons is called the Six Swords, only four of the weapons are actually swords. One is a dagger, and one is glaive. Each weapon has its own name, but it is said that saying these names allowed incites death, so their specific appellations are by no means common knowledge.

Currently, the Queen of the House of Forgotten Names, Soleyu, has legal possession of the Six Swords. Each sword is stored in its own demesne contracted to Soleyu by Namman.

It appears that Calastre Marquese obtained one of these weapons at some point, although no one is certain how he managed to do this. Upon his defeat, it was claimed by Nasir al-Din and stored in a vault by the Murder. Later, as a means of making reparations with the House, Kokai Tadaharu and his friends orchestrated a fake heist to obtain the sword and return it to Soleyu so that Kokai could shake the scorn and sabotage efforts of the Marquese family.

Six Swords of Darkness

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