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Published Races

  • Dragonborn- Dragonborn, known in Gateheart as the Draconids, are a common race found in many worlds, both current and harvested. Most draconids tend to favor the Spire Knights and the Union of Pantheons, although there are many draconids amongst the ranks of the Murder of Crows.
  • Dwarf- Dwarves are a common race all across Gateheart. Many ally themselves with the Union of Pantheons, although there are a fair share amongst the Caretakers.
  • Eladrin- Known in Gateheart as the Lesser Sidhe, the Eladrin have a strong tendency towards supporting the Seelie Court.
  • Elf- Known in Gateheart as the danan, they tend to favor Haven, but may have allegiances among the Unseelie Court.
  • Half-elf- Half-elves, or half-danan, tend to be a fairly common race, and have no real allegiances. They get along well with just about everyone, although the Seelie Court won’t admit them among their ranks.
  • Halfling- Called by the more neutral term “riverfolk” in Gateheart, where the name halfling may be construed as a racial slur. Tend to favor the Fatebranded and the Murder.
  • Human- The most common race in Gateheart, and the worlds in general. Favored by the Endless, but looked down upon by the Overmind and the House.
  • Tiefling- Another fairly common race, tieflings have no real tendencies towards any particular allegiance.
  • Warforged- Called by the more neutral name “automa”, the warforged are fairly complacent, and tend not to have any strong tendencies towards allegiances.
  • Shadar-kai- The shadar-kai are fairly common in Gateheart, and most have allegiance to the Caretakers. Many shadar-kai clans have also sworn allegiances to the House of Forgotten Names.
  • Gnoll- Gnolls have no major tendencies towards alliances, and tend to be fairly non-political.
  • Minotaur- Minotaurs are fairly rare, but there are several ancient minotaur clans that have sworn fealty to the Spire Knights.
  • Gnome- Gnomes are an uncommon race in Gateheart. Those that live there tend to favor the Unseelie Court, although you could easily find gnomes working alongside Alsarad Academy.
  • Deva- The Deva are a common race, and most not only have allegiance to the Union, but many make their living in Union service positions.
  • Half-Orc- Half-orcs are a very common race, particularly in the Lowtowns. When they get political, they strongly favor the Fatebranded.
  • Orc- Orcs are a common race in Gateheart, and when they feel motivated to participate in politics they tend to favor the Murder and Haven.
  • Dhampir- Dhampir are a race that are not entirely uncommon, but they have no strong communities of their own. They tend to have allegiances based on their base race, but if they also have strong opinions about the Fatebranded and the House of Forgotten Names- what those opinions are can vary vastly on the individual, but it isn’t unusual for them to be strong and vocalized often.
  • Goblin- Goblins aren’t too common, but they have more of a population in the Lowtowns and are more ubiquitous there. Goblins have no real favorites when it comes to their allegiances, although some goblins do well in the Murder.
  • Githyanki- The githyanki are fairly at home in Gateheart. Although there are few communities, many githyanki caravans make their way through the city at some point. When they become political, they favor the Spire Knights and typically oppose the Overmind.
  • Githzerai- The githzerai are also a common sight in Gateheart, although few live there for very long. Many are merely passing through, and another large portion are merely working alongside or attending Alsarad Academy. Like their cousins, the githyanki, they oppose the Overmind as a general concept.

Custom Races

  • Elan- The Elan are a race of psionic immortals created from the minds of former humans. They are not a particularly numerous race, but they tend to be long-lived and carry a good deal of clout. The Elan almost unilaterally owe allegiance to the Endless.
  • Dromite- Dromites stay in their own little Dromite communities most of the time, and don’t mind living in the Lowtowns. They don’t have any strong tendencies towards allegiances.
  • [[Half-Giant]]- Half-giants are relatively uncommon, and have strong opinions against the Thesid Overmind and the House to an almost universal level. As a former slave race themselves, they find their practices despicable, and tend to support whoever is currently opposing them.
  • Gemma- The Gemma are an uncommon race, and have no active worlds of their own. They tend to be most commonly aligned with the Murder, but some have a more mystical bent and apply themselves at the Alsarad Academy.

Races 1

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