A harvester is an agent of the Council that is specially selected by the current chairmen to serve a specific purpose. Primarily, the harvesters have the following priorities:

  • To infiltrate dying worlds during the last few hours of existence and extract its world seeds.
  • To remove predetermined individuals or objects from a world that may remain before it dies.
  • To eliminate individuals that may attempt to damage a world’s seeds or prolong the inevitable end in an effective manner.
  • To ensure that a world’s inhabitants reach their rightful destinations upon the harvesting of their world.
  • To prevent interference with the life cycle of a world.
  • To police matters of immigration, smuggling, seed or world abuse.
  • To operate as freelance investigators for the Council, at their discretion.

Becoming a Harvester is quite an honor, and with its responsibilities come great legal freedoms. Harvesters are allowed to travel throughout the multiverse with very little restrictions. Additionally, they have greater freedom in regards to use of magic and weaponry, and are given a degree of liberty in regards to city laws, allowing them to bypass standards and legality if it allows them to accomplish their goals or the goals of the Council.

A Harvester’s identity isn’t public knowledge, although there is no penalty for making one’s status known. Harvesters are selected on a “per need” basis. The amount of Harvesters needed at any given time depends on the current crop of worlds and the ambient level of crime in existence. Additionally, as Harvesters die or retire, they are replaced. Harvesters are rarely laid off from their positions, although occasionally they are removed due to incompetence or abuse of power.


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