Immortal spirit born from a world of natural perfection


Level 22 Nature Spirit Shaman/Disciple of the World Serpent/Primal Avatar


Summersnow was formed in a pristine world of natural perfection, where the world’s development matched its Feyside parameters so precisely that the two aspects of the world were nearly identical. Summer was born within this world as a protector spirit, meant to uphold its idyllic environment at all costs. However, even paradises must eventually fade away, and when this happened, Summersnow took up a new occupation within the City as an A Class Harvester and Surveyor, and a member of Haven.

One would assume a nature spirit such as Summersnow would be very placid and gentle. Others assume he would be feral and decidely inhuman in his behavior. The truth of the matter is that he most likely somewhere in between these assumptions. Possessed of a keen intellect and a sense of insight that is beyond supernatural, Summersnow often has deduced what is happening in a situation long before anyone else has even begun to suspect the truth. As such, he is seen as a valuable ally by those trying to solve the mystery of Akarda’s destruction, and a significant obstacle to the one who orchestrated the event in secret.

Summersnow spends most of his time attending to his duties, and isn’t much of one for socialization. Upon rare occasions, he will take up with his comrades and bond with them, but he has noted that most human activities are poorly suited for one such as he. As such, he finds much pleasure in the company of his spirit companion, Autumnfire.


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