A scornful egoist lurking in a ruined Overmind facility in the Id Labyrinthos


Level 25 Solo Controller


An ancient kalashtar egoist who had become trapped in the subspace ruins of an Overmind facility that had somehow been absorbed into the Id Labyrinthos. There, he gained psychic control over the other psionic terrors lurking in the area and formed a small niche. Whenever an unfortunate traveler would be using the Kiefer Ring and come too close to his space, he would use his powers to draw them into his lair, where he would either dominate them and make them a part of his little hive of followers, or devour their memories.

As the space around him is heavily influenced by his mind, Spider was able to completely control his environment, altering the laws of physics and reality around himself. The only way to damage him at all was to overwhelm his mind and force him to take on too many tasks at once, leaving him open to certain effects. Kanah, Constance, Kokai, and Hal fell victim to him and used this strategy to overwhelm him and kill him, putting an end to his predatory behavior once and for all.

Spider’s true name and identity are unknown. He is called Spider because he continually made references to spiders and recited nursery rhymes about spiders and flies while interacting with the group, in addition to his method of acquiring prey.


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