The Queen of Vampires, Ruler of the House of Forgotten Names


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A female vampire that is said to have been born in Known Aeon 15, very close to the beginning of Gateheart’s cultural development. All vampiric bloodlines can be traced back to her in some way, either directly or by way of vows of fealty made for protection. She also has a royal right to the Six Swords of Darkness, although she allows the leaders of individual houses to invoke them as they see fit, so long as they do not leave her legal possession.

Soleyu is a silent and intimidating woman who prefers to be nude at all times, only putting on clothing when she is forced to do so. Her castle, Qu-aedo-bae-xune, is located directly above the OSA in a private demesne that connects to Gateheart by way of the Grim Web and the Id Labyrinthos. It is said any who enters her home without a direct invitation will die immediately upon leaving.

Soleyu’s greatest concern is preserving the established power of vampire families once their worlds come to a close. She argues that if individuals spend centuries cultivating a legacy, that legacy should be honored in the next world even if it appears unpleasant to certain individuals. After all, if we preserve the works of the gods, and the works of man, ignoring the laws of death to do so if it is the only way of maintaining that history, then who are we to ensure the laws of death are applied to other such power structures and cultures?

Although many in the House make their fortunes cultivating slave and clone worlds that are used to produce human chattel for consumption by beings that live off of humanoid life, Soleyu herself concerns herself only with the legislation and preservation of her people, leaving other entrepreneurial efforts to her followers.

Soleyu knows how to twist the law to her benefit as well as anyone under her jurisdiction, but she does pay respect to Council law as much as she can. This does not mean she can be trusted, however. While she may look beautiful, she is a true monster. For example, when word of House Marquese’s betrayal came to her, she had every member of that line thrown into a world of eternal desert sunlight, where they were all destroyed in the most agonizing way imaginable. Fortunately, her hungers are few, as she only needs to eat every aeon or so. When she does sup, however, she is said to devour hundreds upon hundreds of mortal lives in a horrifying binge.

There are rumors that Soleyu is as powerful as she is because she once consumed the blood of a god. Divine blood counteracts vampiric blood according to common understanding, but at the time Soleyu came to be a vampire, many of the gods were weaker and less established in their personal rhetoric- the laws of the multiverse were still in formation, and as such anything could be possible. If Soleyu could possibly kill a god at one point, she still may be able to do so to this day.


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