The Moon Beast, Greatest of All Spirits, the Heart of the Wild


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The great Moon Beast, the collective soul of all animals and beasts that manifests itself in the light of the moons of all the worlds. He is the patron of all lycanthropes and shifters, and his will is the instinct of all the beasts of all creations.

Sabu commanded the shamans and druids of Gateheart to form Haven, so that those under his influence would be preserved and kept from being overwhelmed by the encroaching civility of the Inevitable City. Sabu himself has no physical form, manifesting through visions and trances in those close to him, and sometimes in those that have nothing to do with him at all.

Sabu is not highly political by nature, preferring that conflicts be resolved with bloodshed or instinctual cunning. However, those that he uses as a conduit understand that in order to exist in Gateheart, there are certain avenues which must be traveled, and they see to it that his wishes are properly communicated and represented.

Sabu is the only faction leader who does not occupy a Council seat. Instead, the current High Druid of Haven fills that position for him.


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