Rudo Aparina

Son of Cais Maddox, the youngest person to ever become an A Class Harvester, partner to Leonov Aparina


Level 24 Human Rogue/Fighter/Blademaster/Undying Warrior


The son of Cais and Renard Maddox, a boy born of a heroic bloodline touched by both dark magic and divine blood. Rudo is a passionate and quick tempered young man who is prone to confrontations and quick to criticize the political systems that saturate every aspect of life in Gateheart. He is very much his mother’s son, prone to chaotic behavior, administering vigilante justice, and identifying with the misunderstood and displaced and acting aggressively on their behalf.

However, these similarities put Rudo and his mother at constant odds, and they have not spoken in six years. Since then, he has spent his time in the company of Leonov Aparina, a vampire of House Aparina. Many suspect that Rudo has become Leonov’s barbarois, but in reality they share a connection that is both spiritual and filial. Rudo looks up to Leonov and sees him as both a father figure and as an equal, and he is quick to act in his defense. As such, he tends to hold those that have anti-undead sentiments in low regards. He is also fond of immortals, but he is not necessarily unsympathetic to the struggles of his fellow mortals.

Rudo was tricked into acting against Kokai Tadaharu and Kanah Destrega after the death of Calastre Marquese, being made to believe that Kokai murdered Calastre in cold blood and utilized his connections to Cheryonkind to avoid prosecution. After finding the truth, he still cares very little for the Danan and those that support him, and seems to have made an enemy of Halphas Therion, Kokai’s partner and Observer.

When Kokai and his companions worked with N to steal the Sword of Darkness from the Murder’s vaults, Rudo interfered and attempted to expose the entire situation. When he could not defeat the group, he gave up, but told Kokai that he would be able to count him as an opponent whenever they crossed paths. His partner Leonov is currently working to get him to relax his aggression towards the Danan and his companions, although his natural stubbornness has made these efforts difficult.

When he isn’t exploding with anger, Rudo is actually a very noble person, but his passions sometimes cloud his judgment. He has been hurt deeply by the injustices he sees in the world, and so he does whatever he can to correct them, even if that means going to extremes others would write off as being too dangerous or reckless.

About three years ago, Rudo dropped his family’s name of Maddox and legally took Leonov’s last name. This event has caused much speculation on the part of the Gateheart gossip mills, who have always followed Rudo with much interest due to his high profile parents and his popularity among many in the City.

Rudo fights with a sword called the Black King, a dark blade containing the soul of a devil. His mother originally took the sword from Sebastian Mizrahi and sealed it to prevent it from being used again, but Rudo released the seal with his blood (which shares the same properties as his mother’s blood) and stole it on the night he left his home. Cais has made no attempts to retrieve it, strangely enough. Rudo fights with a ruthless sword style that is a combination of his mother’s technique, Leonov’s fighting style, and the basics of combat taught by the Spire Knights, under whom Rudo briefly trained in his adolescence.

Rudo Aparina

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