Kanah's sharp-tongued familiar


Paragon Parrot Familiar


Paigre is a familiar spirit contracted by Kanah. Long ago, Paigre was an intelligent ring that had the power to grant eternal youth to those that earned his favor, causing him to be deeply desired by everyone from the wealthiest lords to the poorest paupers, from the most powerful warriors and sorcerers down to lowly washerwomen and dirt farmers. His very existence triggered an intense war that nearly destroyed an entire kingdom, which Paigre still claims is just a natural consequence upon which people placed undue emphasis.

Worse yet, those that did obtain him were coerced into doing despicable acts for Paigre’s amusement, until ultimately the Sage Nox descended into Paigre’s world and destroyed him, shattered his physical form and dispersing his power, leaving behind only a resentful and angry spirit. Paigre took residence in a cache of jewels until he was obtained by the Murder upon the destruction of his native world, where he was obtained by the sorceress Kanah Destrega.

Paigre attempted to coerce Kanah into granting him a new form and putting him back into a position of power, but the sorceress would have none of it. Instead, she bound the spirit into a humiliating form of a lowly bird and then infused it with her own power, giving Paigre his new, bejeweled appearance. Kanah has stated that she bound Paigre so that should his power ever return, she would be able to claim it as her own as the holder of the familiar contract. This reality makes Paigre hate Kanah, but in his current state he is bound to obey her and can do very little to act against her. So, he is left with only one recourse- continual insults and biting criticism.

Paigre does little else to aid Kanah, and Kanah makes little use of her familiar with full knowledge he will do anything in his power to sabotage her. Primarily, the contract exists because of the legal rights it grants her. On occasion, however, she does will him to do small tasks for her, and if both Paigre and Kanah are in danger, Paigre will do what he can to assist her, as he knows his own life will cease to exist should she ever die.


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