Nasir al Din

Genasi scion of a fallen god, given the burden of rebirthing the paradise of his fellow followers


Level 22 Genasi Swordmage/Sage of Fate’s Bonds/Planeshaper


Nasir was born of the chaos of nature itself, only to be tamed and given form by the by the god of his world, Al-a-Din. Over the years, Nasir strove to be more like his deity, devoting himself tirelessly to his causes and holding dear his proverbs and instructions as the most sacred of mantras. Naturally, when it came time for Al-a-Din’s creation to vanish and die, Nasir was granted the right to exist as his scion within the city of Gateheart.

However, no one could foresee that Al-a-Din would fall victim to foul play within the Union, causing his followers to be left without a savior, and the paradise he had intended to create for all his children to be destroyed, leaving the entire populace he had selected for a joyous afterlife stuck within the crowded and noisy streets of Gateheart.

Fortunately, there was one hope left. Nasir’s heart was so close to that of his god that he began to develop a personal seed within his heart. Nasir claims that Al-a-Din spoke to him upon his death, telling him he must create a seed for a perfect paradise within his heart, so that his followers may live on in the world he had originally intended for them. In order to grow the seed, he must experience all the joys and hardships the multiverse has to offer, to create a seed filled with possibility. With this in mind, Nasir signed up with the Ardiv Building and became an A Class Harvester.

Personality-wise, Nasir is serious to a fault and is radically conservative. He shudders at the impropriety and dishonor that runs rampant in Gateheart, finding fault with the way so many of its inhabitants choose to live. While he may not approve of much, he remains civil with his comrades and executes his job to the letter of the law. While not the most outgoing or fun person with whom you would spend your time, he is at the least compassionate and charitable. Having little need for the material, he opens his wallets and his home to any who would have need of it.

Nasir al Din

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