The Dragon Lord of Avarice, founder of the Murder of Crows


Level 35 Immortal Elder Dragon (Solo Artillery)


An immortal red dragon whose efforts to achieve the greatest hoard ultimately led to him become one of the living incarnations of greed itself. Upon the destruction of his world, Namman came to Gateheart and in no short order began to organize an effort to gain the most mercantile power in all creation, using the Murder and its archeological and preservationist facades as a front to gain as much material wealth as possible.

Namman isn’t merely happy with financial power, however. He also believes that influence, connections, and time itself are a valuable commodity, and he makes every attempt to gain as much of them as possible. He has hands in every political forum, makes connections to every major player and individual, and is said to even attempted to buy the vampire Germaine from the House of Forgotten Names as a means of capitalizing upon the untapped resources of the future.

Namman is not a being who is easily impressed with other beings. Those weaker than him appear shabby and pathetic, and those more powerful than him strike him as being individuals who have almost criminally mismanaged their talents and resources- after all, they may be able to do him in, but they don’t, betraying what he sees as a glaring weakness. When he does find someone he admires, however, he becomes strongly infatuated. He has found such a being few times before, and each time he has allowed himself to court and seduce the person in question for some time, giving them access to his great insight and ambition, not to mention his money.

Over time, he inevitably tires of interacting with such people, and comes to see them as little more than pets. Those that do exceptionally well under his wing break free from him and go on to become little Nammans in their own right. Those that fail to be as cutthroat and detached tend to be transformed into magical trinkets and deposited within his various cache-demesnes.

Currently, Namman has taken Kanah Destrega as a consort.


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