A mysterious individual who is in contact with Kanah.


All parameters unknown.


A mysterious individual who has a connection to Kanah. He helps Kokai orchestrate the theft of one of the Six Swords of Darkness, despite being a high ranking member of the Murder. According to him, the loss of the sword is little consequence considering legal ownership is not a concept that the Murder places much value on- and seeing how Soleyu will most likely just resubmit a contract to the Murder to store the sword, losing it temporarily isn’t so much as loss as it is a redistribution of assets.

Despite this, he still insists upon making the theft legitimate, for the sake of believability. He and Kanah seem to have some sort of relationship. His true race and identity are questionable.

In exchange for assisting Kokai in redeeming himself with the House, N says he will at some point request a “minor favor” from Kokai. Although Kanah doesn’t seem to think it will be anything significant, Hal and Summersnow were less than trusting of the bargain in question, and fear that N may have a sinister motive behind it all.


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