Lucille Faraway

An Ardiv seer and Observer


Level 22 Half-Danan Bard/Karma Shaper/Sage of the Ages


An Ardiv seer and Observer who is on good terms with many of the higher ranking Harvesters. She has a tendency to give people silly nicknames, and has a bubbly personality that belies her talents as a clairvoyant. Lucille uses her abilities to perform her job, although due to the erratic nature of time in Gateheart, she isn’t always right about her predictions. Fortunately, she doesn’t take herself too seriously so she tends not to let it get her down when something doesn’t unfold as she has predicted.

Lucille became briefly embroiled in an incident when she was with Nasir al-Din, Kanah Destrega, and Kokai Tadaharu in Nolight Lowtown to deliver them a message. She fought alongside them to repel the advances of a band of vicious assassins, and helped them track down the one responsible for the assault- the vampire Calastre Marquese. Since this event, she has remained uninvolved but still maintains a friendly relationship with her co-workers.

Her catch phrase is “It’s time we settled the score!” She apparently finds Kokai very attractive, but claim she doesn’t date Danan men.

Lucille Faraway

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