The Librarian

Highest authority of the Caretakers, administrator of the OSA, and urban legend


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Not much is known about the Librarian. By all accounts, she has always existed within Gateheart, but due to the nature of memory in the City, it is hard to say just when she arrived. The Caretakers have made her their official leader, although she does very little in terms of coordinating their efforts and goals. She is almost never seen outside of the Threshold, where she administrates the OSA. She keeps record of all souls that enter it and leave it, and all resurrections are directly handled by her, once they are cleared through the proper venues and the appropriate paperwork can be obtained.

It is said that the Librarian, who responds only to this title, is actually another powerful being in disguise. However, it is the secret of this identity that gives her such power.

She cares very little for interacting with others, and rarely grants her favor to anyone. Furthermore, she has only one instruction for those that choose to follow her- abide by no preference, by no dogma, by no ambition, by no prejudice. She demands that those that follow her abandon all aspirations and expectations before performing her grim work.

All the various gods of death owe allegiance to her. It is speculated that she may be the original god of death. Other rumors suggest she may be the primal incarnation of the Grim Web. Still more rumors speculate that she is not even a real person, but a fantastically maintained hallucination perpetrated by the Council of Gravitas in order to maintain control over mortal souls in a world where there is so little distinction between creator and created. However, it is most likely that none of this is particularly true, and regardless of whether or not it is, the Librarian makes no effort to dispute it.

On occasion, the Librarian appears before certain individuals for reasons that no one quite understands. The most well known of these events, at least in recent history, involves Cais Maddox, the Avatar Theron Grace, and the Sage Nox, who encountered the Librarian atop the Tower of Fortunes in Travede, where a facsimile of the Basin of All Light existed and provided a gateway into Paidan. It is said that Cais and her companions battled the Librarian to save Travede, only to be thwarted and cast into the Basin as the Librarian personally saw that Travede was dispersed into nothingness.

As a bit of trivia, the term “librarian” has fallen out of use in the City solely on because of her existence. Whereas in other locations, the term merely denotes a basic scholastic profession, the term “librarian” has a context more akin to that of a “reaper” in Gateheart. A popular slang term for being killed is “getting filed”. To avoid any discomfort, most library employees in the city are referred to as “archivists”. Ironically, libraries are still called libraries, and the OSA is distinctly referred to as an archive.

The Librarian

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