Leonov Aparina

Lord of House Aparina, a vampire with a strange air about him


Level 24 Half-Danan Vampire Rogue/Avenging Haunt/Darklord


The sole surviving member of a once great vampire lineage, House Aparina. Leonov ascended to the title of Lord only due to the fact that when his line was eradicated, he had sequestered himself away within a private dimension to avoid the harsh political environment that had overtaken his house. As a result, he was spared.

The others in the House of Forgotten Names look on Leonov with pity and a bit of curiosity, as he has made no attempts to create new followers or sire any spawn. Indeed, it seems Leonov has taken no interest in anyone or anything, with no mind for politics or gaining power, a trait that is almost unheard of among vampires.

Leonov most likely would have gone on forever in apathy and ennui, had he not encountered the young swordsman, Rudo Maddox. He and Rudo became close friends very quickly- Leonov found himself drawn to the human boy’s indomitable spirit and his passion, and Rudo found guidance in the immortal being. The two of them are almost always seen together, and it was Rudo’s interest in becoming a Harvester that caused Leonov to gain his Observer’s license. As Rudo rose in the ranks, so too did Leonov, and he became a power player in the Ardiv Building virtually overnight. Many members of the House could not understand the sudden change in Leonov, and many rumors began to circulate regarding his intentions and his relationship with the Maddox boy.

After Rudo and his mother had their falling out, Leonov allowed Rudo to take his family name. This act outraged many in the House- he couldn’t be bothered to increase his ranks like any normal vampire, but he could extend membership to his once illustrious lineage to a mortal? None of it made sense to them, and the result has caused Leonov to become a target of much persecution- although Soleyu herself has said little about the situation.

Leonov spends most of his time operating as Rudo’s partner in work and in combat. He is a skilled swordsman, and uses his vampiric abilities to great effect in combat. While he always sides with Rudo, he does not always agree with his young friend, but he supports him and allows him to make his own mistakes as much as possible.

Leonov Aparina

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