Kanah Destrega

Opal-Clan Gemma sorceress and Gateheart socialite, with ambitions of political power and privelege


Level 22 Gemma Sorcerer/Essence Mage/Magister


An Opal-Clan gemma woman who has had a meteoric rise to fame within the City. Her birth itself was fairly significant within the gemma community, and many have said that she is the reincarnation of the Jeweled Mother Hairav, the goddess who crafted the gemma themselves. Kanah herself doesn’t believe such claims, but enjoys the reputation it has earned her.

Kanah gained additional power and notoriety during her adolescence, when she served as an escort and concubine to some of the most powerful magicians and entities in the multiverse. Traveling from world to world, seeing all varieties of sights and supernatural events, she took her own innate talent for sorcery and reinforced it by borrowing bits of power and copying techniques from just about everyone and everything she could. Her magical style is wholly self-taught and seems to only get more powerful the stronger her ego becomes.

Currently, it is a little known secret that Kanah has agreed to become the bride of Namman, Dragon Lord of Avarice and the founder of the Murder of Crows. However, at the same time, she is currently orchestrating a political coup within the Alsarad Academy, drumming up support so that she may be voted in as a member of the Alsarad Academy Board of Directors. Such an outcome would earn her a Council seat and access to some of the most powerful magic in creation. It would also grant Namman a mole within Alsarad Academy, allowing him to influence the Academy for his own purposes and would bestow upon the Murder even more power within the walls of Gateheart. Because of this, there are many people who would prefer the gemma woman met her end, and before she has a chance to gain even more clout.

Kanah is a B Class Harvester. She could very easily be an A Class Harvester, but due to the liberating effects of having such status, those within the Ardiv Building feel it would be best for everyone to keep her somewhat restricted. Personally, Kanah doesn’t care much for the law, but sees Harvesting as an ends to a means- it gives her the chance to gain public favor, to temper her magical prowess, and to earn unique and unusual artifacts. She most often uses the money she earns to feed her lust for exotic clothing, to keep her mansion fully enchanted with unseen servants and mystical conveniences, and to fund her exclusive clothing boutique in Spiretown.

Personality-wise, Kanah is the definition of capricious, and has an ambition that can be a little unsettling. While she is charming and loquacious, she is also fairly blunt and tends to only extend her courtesy to those that might reward her for such a display. To those she sees as being equal to her or being unable to offer her anything of value, she is disrespectful and snobbish. She especially takes issue with other women, although if a woman shows herself as being both powerful and not interested in jeopardizing her rise to power, she quickly warms up to them.

Kanah Destrega

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