Childhood friend of Kokai, disciple of Caedus, slain fighting the Profane Creator


Level 21 Human Invoker/Flame of Hope/Demigod


Kaera was an orphaned human child who was adopted by the swordmaster Kotaru Jigen when he found her in the ruins of a passenger ship that had been attacked by pirates off the shores of the Southern Kingdoms. Kaera’s parents had hoped to spirit her away to the safety of the Kingdoms after she had been marked by a prophetess to serve as the Maiden of Caedus, who was foretold to stand against the Great Darkness.

It is a cruel irony that Kaera should have arrived in the Kingdoms despite their deaths, where she honed her innate mystical abilities and grew to accept her role as the Maiden while simultaneously training under Kotaru. It was at this time that she befriended the Danan youth named Kokai, another orphan adopted by Kotaru. The two of them learned a strong sense of justice from their adoptive father, and eventually came to operate as a duo of adventurers, protecting the innocent and upholding Caedus’ will together.

Naturally, when Caedus went missing and Akarda fell into ruin, the two of them stood together to protect their world. Kaera found bravely against the Profane Creator, only to be mortally wounded. The Harvester Summersnow attempted to save her life, but it was all for nothing- she was slated for death upon Akarda’s inevitable destruction, regardless of her physical condition. Before dying, she said goodbye to Kokai and ushered him forth to a new life in Gateheart, giving him her holy symbol as a memento of her.


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