Jhara Vaday

Former scion of Caedus, former companion of Kokai, and the one who brought Akarda to ruin


Human Form: Level 30 Human Wizard/Cleric/Divine Oracle/Archmage

Profane Creator Form: Level 25 Solo Controller


A former companion of Kokai and his friends, in some fashion. Jhara was said to be one of the children touched by Caedus at birth, which many believed to be a sign that Caedus had decided to incarnate part of his soul in a mortal body so that he might live alongside his creations. While this much has never been proven, many who knew Jhara believed this to be true in his case. Jhara himself especially believed he was Caedus incarnated as a man, and his wisdom and compassion guided Kokai and his companions on many of their adventurers.

However, after Caedus himself disappeared, Jhara began to search for him, only to be encountered by an unknown entity who filled his mind with the truth of the multiverse- the truth of Gateheart, and the fate of all worlds, the grim reality of the OSA, and even the true circumstances of his own birth. This filled Jhara with despair and caused him to become mad, lashing out irrationally at all creation.

His powerful heart and intense desire for a world that matched his previous worldview birthed a personal seed, and allowed him to access this power to become a being known as the Profane Creator, an aberrant godling foretold in scriptures that would destroy Akarda. Jhara believed now that the Profane Creator myth was merely a lie to prevent those who had been touched by Caedus to attempt to make his world their own, and so he decided to liberate Akarda by destroying it and rebuilding it according to his own ideals.

Kokai and his companions tried to stop him, and all but Kokai were killed in the effort. Kokai himself would have died, if not for the interference of a band of Harvesters who allied with Kokai to slay the Creator and destroy his illegally created seed.

Jhara Vaday

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