Halphas Therion

Half-gith Class A Observer who lost much of his body to an accident, and replaced his limbs with artifice grafts


Level 22 Half Githyanki Artificer/Self-Forged/Demigod


Halphas, “Hal” to his friends, was born to a humanoid father and a githyanki mother and raised aboard a spelljammer by a crew of pirates who traveled from world to world plundering artifacts and magical relics. Hal had always had a fondness for such devices and especially was fascinated by the automa and other such beings.

In adolescence, he apprenticed under many powerful artificers in Gateheart and became a master of artifice by his own rights, utilizing his experiences in his youth, his natural talents, and other insights to go to the top of his field. Hal is adept at on-the-fly repairs and jury-triggering magical technology and devices, which led him to be approached by the Ardiv Building to become an Observer.

While performing his duties an Observer, Hal rose quickly in the ranks and eventually was rewarded with an A Class Observers license and a standard divinity contract that gave his blood a divine component that allowed him to better perform his work and to perform it for the City much longer than his lifespan would allow.

However, on a difficult solo mission that would have granted Hal a Harvester’s License in addition to his Observer’s License, there was a mishap, and the world he was in ended abruptly. The seeds of that world were lost as a result, and Hal only narrowly managed to escape- but not without losing his right arm in the process. This event caused legislation requiring closer scrutiny of the Harvesters and requiring Observers and Harvesters to work in concert to prevent similar incidents in the future. It also had the unfortunate side effect of painting Hal in a negative light amongst his co-workers, who saw him as being at fault for making their jobs more difficult. While Hal is still a top class Observer with hopes of becoming a Harvester, it is unlikely he will ever be granted such privilege.

Hal isn’t easily discouraged, however. Even though the administrators continue giving him grunt work and placed him under the supervision of a rather unpleasant supervisor (a female ghoul named Mirnda, known around the Building for her harshness and abusive nature), he still strives to do his best. He generally enjoys his life and is a good-natured fellow. After Kokai received his C Class License, he was assigned to guide the Danan youth and serve as his Observer for an unspecified period of time by Cheryonkind. Since then, he and Kokai have become buddies, and this has caused him to become embroiled in a series of incidents involving the youth and the destruction of Akarda.

Hal replaced his lost arm with automa components, and continues to install such devices into his body. Little by little, he is becoming more machine than man, but Hal and his creations continue to challenge the distinction between the two. For now, he still has a general humanoid appearance. He resembles his human bloodline far more than his gith bloodline, and in the right light, he is easily mistaken for some subspecies of Danan. If not for the greenish, flecked skin tone, it would be difficult to determine he had any gith heritage at all.

Halphas Therion

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