A clairvoyant vampire who transcends the laws of time itself


Level 30 Solo Controller (Vampire Lord)


Germaine is a noble vampire who has no house of her own, and does not sire followers or spawn. She is Soleyu’s close friend and is often attributed as one of the primary reasons the Queen remains upon her throne despite the ever-shifting politics of the House.

Germaine exists in two coterminous timestreams but retains a singular consciousness, allowing her to use the limited powers of precognition with a much greater rate of success. It is said Germaine knows everything that can and will happen within the City long before it is even a possibility, but if this is in fact true, Germaine shares very little that could prove such claims. Even Soleyu is not privy to all her secrets, and despite her loyalty to her Queen, she is a free agent, doing as she pleases within the City walls and endlessly observing the constant twists and turns of Gateheart’s political world.


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