Constance of Leozithea

The Messiah of Leozithea, the Avatar of Mahadala, a new saint that brings hope to a younger generation of city-dwellers


Level 22 Ascended Human Invoker/Flame of Hope/Revered One


Born a simple woman in the world of Leozithea, Constance’s humble beginnings would not suggest that she would eventually become a woman known as the Messiah to thousands of people. However, over the course of her lifetime, Constance developed a connection to the divine and ultimately formed the Way of Mahadala, a radical new religious ideology that took the power traditionally reserved for the gods themselves and granted it to all living beings.

Constance became a controversial figure in her world, but ultimately shook off her naysayers when at the end of Leozithea’s lifetime, she led those that sought her aid on a massive pilgrimage across the multiverse, traveling on a bridge of brilliant light and straight into the heart of the City, where she claimed authority over the divine power of Leozithea and earned she and all her followers full citizenship status.

Currently, Constance preaches the Way of Mahadala to all who will hear it, granting her many converts and admirers. People of all races and creeds have come to see her as beacon of hope and salvation, while many within the Union of Pantheons see her as a irreverent upstart spouting lunacy and causing social unrest. Despite this, people flock to her from all over the city, hoping to gain insight from her on how to better their lives.

Constance is as placid as one would expect of a saint, but she isn’t completely unflappable. When she or those around her face danger, she expresses the true nature of the Mahadala, channeling a divine wrath and transforming into an angelic being of battle. During the days when she is not proselytizing, she operates a charity that helps locate housing and employment for survivors of dead worlds, and seeks to unify the various divine beings in the City to help combat poverty and hunger. She also has a notorious sweet tooth, enjoying cakes and pastries far more than one would expect from one espousing such ascetic beliefs.

Constance of Leozithea

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