Goddess of guidance, born from a combination of the blood of Caedus and the Great Seed, and an Ardiv Administrator


Intermediate Deity of Guidance, Second Tier Deity

Domains: Providence, Protection, Justice


The younger sister of Caedus, born when his blood splashed upon the Great Seed. As a goddess, Cheryonkind is not worshiped by many in the worlds, but she is quite popular within the City itself, particularly among those who have become disenfranchised by the bureaucracy of the Union.

Cheryonkind is a very hands-on goddess, and spends most of her time attending to the needs of Harvesters and administrating Harvest efforts. Upon the disappearance of her brother, she was delegated as the official executor of his divine will, giving her jurisdiction over his creations and over the survivors of Akarda. She particularly is fond of Kokai, in whom she sees much of her brother.


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