Calastre Marquese

Sire of House Marquese of the House of Forgotten Names


Level 26 Skirmisher (Vampire Lord)


A noble vampire who is the sire of House Marquese, one of those middle-tier houses that compose the House of Forgotten Names. Calastre operates as an Ardiv surveyor, a task that primarily serves to allow him to maintain his own slave worlds without outside interference. He has many dhampir spawn within the City, all of which are endlessly devoted to him and constantly fight for his praise and affection. He also employs several intelligent undead and has several shadar-kai contracted as his personal barbarois.

Shortly before the game began, Calastre was contacted by a telepathic entity that promised him an artifact of great power, one that allegedly would give him the potential to usurp the throne of Soleyu and become the uncontested king of the City’s vampires. In order to obtain it, he was required to falsify some information obtained by the sensors within the Nexus, so that a group of skilled assassins could enter the City illegally and steal the seeds of the world of Akarda, should the seeds be successfully retrieved from Akarda before its destruction.

Calastre managed to execute this task by conscripting his dhampir children within the Ardiv Building to commit the act by following a specific set of instructions for him, keeping his hands clean of any violations of Council law. When this was discovered, Calastre freedom was guaranteed as he did not make use of any psychic or mystical coercion techniques, nor did he offer his children any tangible or legally distinct compensation for their activities, thus freeing him of any charges of conspiracy.

Shortly after this came to light, Calastre discovered that the individual who had contacted him telepathically had never intended to allow him to survive, and had sent a secondary set of assassins to dispose of him. Calastre managed to pre-empt their assault and persuaded them to abandon him and instead perform an assassination for him, granting the leader of the assassins a powerful artifact of his own- one of the Six Swords of Darkness, possibly the artifact promised to him by the being who had originally requested his assistance.

Calastre paid the mercenaries to kill off the Harvesters who had been investigating him and instructed them to plant a series of sequencer stones on the body of Kanah Destrega, which would draw suspicion to the power-hungry sorceress and cause people to believe she had been the one to orchestrate the entire Akardan affair. However, the assassination attempt was not successful, and Kokai Tadaharu cornered Calastre and confronted him on his treachery.

Kokai unleashed a blast of divine energy, killing Calastre and most of the lesser vampires in his home. This event caused a backlash of a vengeance and anger against Kokai and his companions, especially after Kokai’s misuse of divine energy within City limits was pardoned by the Ardiv Building as an act of self defense. Calastre’s surviving spawn persuaded Rudo Aparina and his companion Leonov (Calastre’s cousin) to use his A Class Harvesters license to pass judgment on Kokai. In addition to this, all the Marquese House vampires and barbarois made a massive attempt to have Kokai killed or arrested, until ultimately efforts by Kokai and the Murder of Crows returned the Sword of Darkness to Soleyu, exposing Calastre’s treachery, and causing the Queen of Vampires to cast the whole of House Marquese into the sunlight of a desert world. Due to Soleyu’s judgment, House Marquese no longer exists in any form, and all its members are presumed to be destroyed and sealed within the OSA.

Calastre Marquese

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