Cais Maddox

The White King, hero of Travede, member of the Council of Gravitas


Level 30 Human Avenger/Favored Soul/Demigod


Many aeons ago, in her home world of Travede, Cais was a fencer who married a controversial socialist author. Her husband, Renard Maddox, wrote a criticism of her nation’s corrupt mercantile power structure by way of a novel called The White King. In the novel, a noble king called the White King usurps the power of several individuals who tread upon the common man and use their money and influence to create a divide between the rich and the poor that nearly destroyed society. In this novel, Renard is not very subtle, making parodies of several noble families and a particular mercantile organization called the Guardia De La Coeur. In retaliation, the various offended nobles gave the Guardia permission to kill Renard.

In vengeance, Cais began to dress as a man and took up the mantle of the White King, seeking out each of the parties responsible for Renard’s death and dispensing justice to them, while also becoming a vigilante hero that was much loved by the poor and disenfranchised. Ultimately, she came face to face with the secret leader of the Guardia, the warlock Sebastian Mizrahi.

Mizrahi was a powerful occultist, and he had sealed the soul of a great evil within a sword he dubbed the Black King, in mockery of Renard’s work. Furthermore, he trapped Renard’s soul in a companion sword upon his death, ensuring he could not be resurrected by any easily accessible means. Cais defeated Mizrahi in an epic duel, and took both the Black King and the sword containing Renard. She had many other adventures, wielding her husband’s prison as an implement of justice, becoming companions to many other heroes (such as the Avatar Theron, the Sage Nox, and the satyr Adonai), faced off against many eldritch abominations, and ultimately came to battle the Librarian herself over the fate of Travede.

Cais was not successful in sparing Travede, but she did earn herself citizenship within the City, alongside her husband Renard, now restored to his original form. Now, Cais is a Councilwoman, and she has lived for many aeons due to an infusion of divine blood she received from the goddess Lyr as a token of her favor. 24 years ago, Cais and Renard had a child named Rudo, who went on to become one of the top ranking Harvesters in Ardiv, and the youngest person to ever achieve an A rank Harvesters license. However, differences between mother and son have caused them to stop speaking- an event that is a matter of much gossip and rumination amongst the dwellers of the City.

Cais Maddox

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