Creator god of Akarda


Greater Deity of Creation, First Tier Deity

Domains: Creation, Justice, Life, Freedom


One of the great gods who sprang from the Great Seed instead of from its energy within a world, Caedus is a powerful but low-profile member of the Gateheart community. Having few enemies within the Council and among mortals alike, he is generally well liked and known for his compassionate and accepting nature.

Caedus created his own world, the drupe world 635, which he named Akarda, which is taken from an Old Tongue word meaning “to overcome”. Caedus was very involved with his own creation, taking a very hands-on approach and inspiring many followers and champions, including Kokai Tadaharu, Jhara Vaday, and Kaera. However, shortly before Akarda fell into ruin and ended, Caedus went missing, his divine signature simply vanishing completely. No one is quite certain where he went, or how he managed to hide himself, leading some to suspect foul play.

Caedus has a sister that sprang from the Great Seed when he spilled his blood upon it. This sister, Cheryonkind, has taken it upon herself to find her brother and to guide those that remain of his creations until he returns.


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