The Veiled One, the Jeweled Mother, creator goddess of the Gemma


Greater Deity of Creation and Beauty, First Tier Deity

Domains: Beauty, Creation, Art, Love


Supposedly the great goddess of beauty and creation who crafted a series of worlds so perfect that they managed to match their feysides almost exactly. She was said to have seen life as a display of true beauty, and was said to have created the gemma in her own image, decorating their flesh and bones with the beauty of eternal gemstones.

It is also said that Hairav always wears a veil, because any being that should look directly at her face would experience such bliss that they would be unable to live in a world so full of flaws.

Whether or not any of this is true is unknown, although a goddess known as Hairav certainly did exist, and she certainly was a skilled creator goddess. However, she has been dead for so many aeons that few remember the truth about her. The gemma often believe that the Opal-Clan are the physical reincarnations of Hairav, as they only appear once in every two million gemma births. Many Opal-Clan gemma have used this notoriety to achieve great status within their communities.


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