The City Inevitable

The Journal of Lucille Faraway

An entry from Lucille's journal regarding an event following the theft of the Akardan seeds

Date: KA 472, Phase 1, Day 45

Well! Today was certainly very thrilling! I started my day as I normally would, and all my premonitions that morning were very hum-drum and run of the mill. Can I just tell you that if I continue to get false readings like this, I may need to contact a sangehirn! Wouldn’t it be such a shame to lose my job because I suddenly lost my ability to see the future? Oh, I hate to think of it!

Oh, but that’s not even the worst part. You see, it wasn’t that I got it wrong, or even how wrong I was about how today would play out… it was what actually happened that was so unbelievable!

After filing reports with the Spire Knights and such regarding the attempted theft of the Akardan seeds, Cherry came to me and asked me to retrieve Summersnow so he could help Haven biomancers determine just who made those horrible ecthroi that showed up in Akarda. So I jumped on the Kiefer and hopped a sidhe-skimmer down to Nolight Lowtown to find the gang and send dear Summer on his way. No sooner did he slip into the Glimmerweb than the most unusual thing happened!

Oh, there were fires, and explosions, and all sorts of chaos! Someone was trying to kill poor little Kokai and Miss Destrega! I know Kanah can be abrasive, but really, murder is such a breach of established etiquette! And did they have to involve old Nassy and me in all of it? I mean, I was just there to deliver a message! Honestly!

We were running through the streets of Lowtown trying to shake them… and what a bunch they were! Efreeti and ghouls and rakshasa and one very unpleasant swordwing mercenary! Oh my, it was just so scary! But then, even if I had been able to see the whole event in advance, I still would have been just as shocked when that old buggy sellsword came at us with one of the Six Swords of Darkness! Where in the world did he get such a thing? I mean, honestly now, WHERE? Soleyu watches those like a hawk, she does, so how could a common thug like him get his hands on one… well, not hands. Swordwings don’t exactly have hands. I wonder what you would call those things they have? Claws? Stabbers?

Anyway, Kanah ended up killing him. She quite literally cut his throat out. For a woman with so much money and breeding, she can be awfully garish. She was so angry that she couldn’t just leave well enough alone… she did some sniffing around and found that Calastre had orchestrated the whole thing. Turns out, someone tried to have him killed, and when they came knocking, he gave them one of the Six Swords as payment to leave him alone and kill off the harvesters who had been asking around about him instead. He even had them plan a set up so that it looked like Miss Destrega was the one who planned the entire thing, from the assassins going after Calastre to the theft of the seeds! The House fellows can be so snake like, it just gives me the shivers! I keep sipping chamomile tea to calm me down and it is just doing NO good whatsoever! I may need to drink something a bit stronger if I’m going to stop shaking anytime soon!

I worry about those guys. I don’t know them very well, but I’ve always had a soft spot for them. And this new Kokai fellow seems rather cute. I usually don’t date Danan men… I’ve always been a mayfly catcher, myself! But I could see myself taking a couple of nights out with him. Boy, wouldn’t my mother just be so thrilled to hear me say something like that! Ack, it almost makes me shake worse than that whole mess today! I better go pour myself a big glass of wine and take a nice, long bath, before I end up having a nervous breakdown!


P.S. Even though it was pretty reckless of him to do it, I’m glad Kokai unleashed his divine powers to kill Calastre! I swear, if that creep ever comes back from the OSA, I sure will have a score to settle with HIM!



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