The City Inevitable

Spire Knight Report 9087-6342

Official report filed by Spire Knight police forces regarding the attempted theft of the world seeds of Drupe World 635

Known Aeon 472, GS Phase 1

  • Jurisdiction: Spiretown
  • Area: Spire of Gravitas
  • Reported By: 2nd Lt. J. Caramdan
  • Officers on Duty: 1st Lt. K. Maed, 2nd Lt. Caramdan
  • Time of Incident: 16th Seed Hour

While attempting to deposit the seeds of drupe world 635 in the Spire Depository according to harvest protocol, a team of Harvesters composed of Nasir Al-Din, Summersnow, Kanah Destrega, and a newly processed citizen by the name of Kokai Tadaharu were assaulted by a seed tech golem piloted by a band of alleged assassins in an attempt to obtain the seeds.

The band of assassins had no legal citizenship, having been secreted into the city under cover of a citizen working within the Ardiv Building. A transport lift was destroyed, leaving the occupying individuals and the seeds stranded along the understructure of the Kiefer Ring, where they were again attacked.

The harvesters at the scene, acting in accordance to Ardiv policy agreements with the Spire Knights, took command of the scene and repelled the assault. Two of the assassins were taken prisoner. One assassin, a vanara male that had migrated from the world of Avidya, killed himself by swallowing a soul toxin capsule, making his corpse useless for Spire necromancers to search for information. The other, a carbuncle female, was successfully interrogated only to yield very little information. According to the captive, the band had been offered a large cash reward and a standard immortality and citizenship agreement upon successful completion of their task. Their contact was made indirectly through use of a now defunct Oracle Gate within drupe world 931. Spire artificers were unable to extract any information from the ruined objects, and use of such artifacts being restricted by Council law caused there to be little in terms of official records regarding their use.

The captive also informed the harvesters on the scene that they had been brought into the city by someone working within the Ardiv Building. Further investigation found that this was accomplished by feeding a false teleportation signal into the Nexus’ sensors at the time the assassins were gated into the city illegally. Official records show that an cargo of equivalent sized humanoid chattel were imported in at that time.

Investigation into this determined that the guilty party was Calastre Marquese of the House of Forgotten Names. Marquese claimed that he had been contacted anonymously by a telepathic entity who claimed they would be able to reward him with exclusive rights to a specific artifact upon completion of his task. Marquese claimed to be ignorant to the actual activity taking place under his watch, but he had the foresight to convince one of his dhampir spawn to perform the switch for him, by giving them the exact instructions and orchestrating the timing perfectly. Since no psychic coercion was used, and no tangible or legally distinct form of compensation was offered for this act, Marquese avoided being charged with any crimes. His dhampir spawn was arrested and deposited in the OSA under charges of world endangerment, conspiracy, and falsifying Ardiv documentation.



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