The City Inevitable

Ardiv Report 635-12 Part A

Official report filed on the harvesting of drupe world 635, Akarda

Known Aeon 472, GS Phase 1

  • Petitioner: The Council of Gravitas
  • Administrator: Cheryonkind
  • Ardiv Operatives Involved: Nasir Al-Din, Summersnow, Kanah Destrega
  • Commanding Harvester: Summersnow
  • Ardiv Observer: Summersnow
  • Mission Status: Completed

In accordance to planar projection charts provided by the Council of Gravitas, drupe world 635, indigenous name “Akarda”, became due for harvesting. A team of two A class Harvesters and assistance from one B class Harvester was assembled and commissioned to harvest 635’s world seeds and return them to the Ardiv Building for processing. Due to the unexplained absence of Union member 3810, Caedus, all initiatives in regards to this mission have been delegated to Union member 3955, Cheryonkind.

Standard pay and hazard pay was provided, and standard preparation and briefing was done by Cheryonkind, acting as official administrator and as the delegated coordinator of 635’s affairs. A citizenship list of 108 was provided prior to this delegation and issued to Cheryonkind to be enacted. At the time prior to the mission, accounts could be made for all but one denizen. In addition to standard harvesting duties, the team was provided with the additional objective of locating this individual and safely escorting them back to the Ardiv Building for processing.

Upon entry into 635, the missing denizen’s signature was traced to a location central to the termination of the world’s structure. The team intervened, delivering the denizen, identified as Kokai Tadaharu, to safety. In doing so, it became evident that 635’s lifespan had been brought to an end by the activities of a denizen identified as Jhara Vaday, a former scion of Caedus. Vaday had obtained extraplanar insight into the nature of his native cosmology, and had managed to generate a personal seed with the intention of creating an unlicensed world. In addition to their duties, the team dispensed an appropriate judgment on behalf of the Ardiv Building and eliminated Vaday.

After executing this task, the team and Tadaharu were taken to extract the expected six seeds of world 635, only to find that two of the seeds had been degraded to an irreparable state by several large ecthroi. Upon approach, the ecthroi began a process by which two of the remaining seeds were converted to red seeds. The operating team exterminated the ecthroi and extracted a larval sample and a complacency implant from the lifeform before making a narrow escape from Akarda moments before its collapse.

Upon re-entering the city, Cheryonkind, operating as delegate for Caedus, gained custody of Tadaharu, and the operating team was instructed to take the remaining seeds to be deposited within the Spire Depository before processing their gathering information and beginning an investigation into the appearance of ecthroi within Akarda.



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