Beyond all worlds, at the crux of reality and nonexistence lays Gateheart, the City Inevitable, the Crown of Yggdrasil. Throughout the seemingly endless spires and vast, winding streets are the webs of life and death, connecting all worlds, planes, and creations together and sustaining them with the life-giving energy of the Great Seed.

Gateheart is the origin of all worlds and the destination of all souls, living and dead, mortal and immortal. It has always existed, beyond the recollection of any who reside there, and will continue to exist despite the actions of any who claim it as their home.

However, even an ageless citadel such as Gateheart is not able to exist of its own accord. The webs that surround the city keep it intact, and to sustain the web, the web must be seeded with world seeds, tiny aspects of reality that blossom into self-contained expanses of existence and become worlds. These worlds grow on the web like fruit on a vine, until the day they come to their natural end.

Worlds, however, are not self propagating. They must be cultivated and tended after, like any crop. Thus, at the last moments of a world’s existence, as the flames of life flicker their last before becoming forever extinguished, the Harvesters descend and extract the world’s seeds, so that future worlds may be born.

This is how it has always been, never ceasing. All things must die, even the gods themselves, but from death there is always birth. The world seeds, more precious than any singular life or treasure, grow and mature within the flesh of reality even as we speak. At the time they reach maturation, your world will come to an end. When that time comes, will you greet the Harvesters with open arms?

The City Inevitable

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